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You Can't Win Them all

It is true, but could you win one?

I am one of the millions and millions (exaggerating) of broken hearted Kentucky fans today. Yesterday was tough. We lost in the first round.

The other team just out played us. We didn't shoot well. Just a tough day for the Big Blue Nation.

Listen, I am not one of those people who believes if we don't win that we should get rid of the coach or that we should win the NCAA tournament every year. I just love college basketball and would love to win the championship every year but there are way too many good teams out there. We aren't going to win every year, but we still have an amazing tournament record.

I am sad. I have a headache of my own making. I cussed a lot in a tv control room full of people who could have given a shit whether Kenucky won or not. I tried to maintain some sort of composure but it didn't work.

We have put together some amazing teams over the years. Well, I say we, I really have not had anything to do with recruiting. It's strange that no one has asked me to help. Probably for the best!

So, today, I am thankful to bleed blue! Proud to be a member of the Big Blue Nation. #BBN

#RexChapmon said it best...we'll be back!

Small consolaiton now as this year's tournament rolls on without us.

I am still sitting in that control room where I sat yesterday and had a cursing melt down during our game...but tomorrow is another day and I have a lot of Bourbon that someone has to drink. It might as well be me! #gocats #UKCoachCalipari

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