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I'll Just Go Get It!

While the last couple of years have been difficult in a lot of ways, there have been some things that have become a bit easier as we get tiny a bit of normalcy back in our lives. I hoped that many of these conveniences would stick around but there was a recent incident that made me rethink this whole idea of things being a bit easier. Maybe some things should remain hard or inconvenient.

Now, I don't know about you, but there are lots of changes that have taken place due to Covid that have made me somewhat lazy. Well, let's just say more lazy. Oh, who the hell am I kidding,..Covid has just made my normal laziness a little bit more acceptable. Of course, that may mean it is only more acceptable to me, but get my drift.

I guess I should explain what I mean by "conveniences". I am talking about the fact that you can call a restaurant and go pick up something curbside while still in your pajamas. I believe this has been happening in Heaven for eternity. I sure hope it sticks around. You can also go to the grocery store and pull into a certain parking space and someone will carry groceries out and put them in the back of your car...without saying a word. This also doesn't require you to get out of your pajamas. You can also work from home (well, I couldn't but YOU could). I did attend many meetings from home while sitting on my screened in porch drinking a cup of coffee, which may or may not have been fortified with a heaping helping of Bourbon Cream. Thanks #BuffaloTrace.

While trying to stay home, other than when I was working, I discovered the joys of Instacart. I never thought I would want someone else fondling my bananas but I am embracing the process now. How amazing is it to open your front door (still in your pajamas...mind you) and find bags and bags of groceries on your porch?!?! No shower or hair combing required. I have friends who have used this service for years but they have pre-existing conditions. One couple has children and the other travels for work. All maladies that I have avoided...thank God! You don't even need a pre-existing condition to order your groceries! Thanks #instacart.

Another amazing convenience is having restaurants let you do curbside pickup. You just go online to your favorite restaurant, (looking at you #carrabbas) and order. And again, don't worry about getting dressed or showering, just go get it!! You park in a designated spot and out comes dinner. YES!!! No muss! No Fuss!! And if you are anything like me, you hate MUSS!

There are also several delivery services that will bring restaurant food to your home. Some of these are great...others, ugh...not so much! I ordered food from a service that had a restaurant listed on their website and when it was delivered...the order was wrong. So, I did what any normal person would do, I called the restaurant and asked about my order. They informed me they don't use that service to deliver and they had no idea what I was talking about. It appears the delivery service just listed the restaurant on its website without their knowledge. When I placed my order, their driver went to the restaurant and placed the order like it was their personal order. So, when the restaurant didn't have the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, the driver said "That's okay. I'll take the Granola tastes-like-crap pancakes". Obviously, this would not have been my choice or I wouldn't be bitching about it. Of course, my experience is probably rare...or is it?!?!

I have gone to great lengths to sing the praises of all the services and options that have been made accessible to us since Covid began. I truly am happy with all of these services but what I witnessed the other day, has made me unsure of my happiness.

I went to Smoothie King (#smoothieking) to pick up a smoothie that I ordered online....because that is how I currently roll. Anyway, I walked in and was standing behind a gentleman who was also picking up an online order. Then I saw it. The "gentleman"...well, maybe not such a gentleman was drinking out of all the smoothies in his order. There were four smoothies in a cardboard carrier and he was taking the lid off each one and tasting them. Now, I could be wrong, but I really have a hard time believing each of those smoothies were for him. I am pretty sure whoever ordered the smoothies did not anticipate the person picking them up was going to sample each one. That would be weird if they did. Wouldn't it?

So, next time, maybe they should pick up their own smoothies. Covid is real!

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