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I Don't Even Own a Pink Bra

It's true. I don't own a pink bra. I am not sure why. No reason, really. I just don't. Why is this even a thing, you may ask yourself? Well, rest assured, I am going to tell you.

I like to think that I am a pretty observant person and that I am attuned to my fellow man or woman as the case may be; however, there are so many things that I observe that can't be explained away or seem so out of the norm and this is a short little story about one of these observations.

Living in the Atlanta area means your drive to and from work can be super eventful. You are either in an accident or constantly trying to stay out of one. My previous blog addressed the drive to work but this one is addressing what one could possibly see on the daily commute.

I left work early one afternoon and was doing my normal "taking the backroads to avoid the interstates" drive. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw something strange. Now, if you know me, and hopefully you do, you understand that if I say it is strange...well, you get my drift.

I was at a stoplight and saw a flash of bright pink on the side of the road. The bright pink object was not lying on the side of the road, it was on a person. By a person, I mean a woman, and by strange, I mean she had removed her shirt on the side of the road and was standing there in a bright pink bra. What on earth, you might say? Well...I didn't really say that...but something like it...just not as family friendly.

Now, again, I had left work early so maybe this happened on a daily basis. Maybe this lady changed clothes on the side of the road every day at this time. Maybe, on this day, she just happened to have on a pink bra...and maybe, that is the only reason I noticed, because I don't own one.

I realize I have presented you with a lot of possibilities with my "maybe" statements above. I am pretty sure that there is no clear cut answer here. I didn't stop to approach the woman with the pink bra on to ask her if she did change clothes there daily. I also didn't stop to say..."hey, nice bra! Where did you get it?" That would have been very creepy...but, possibly informative.

There are no answers here...just more questions. The bottom line is that I don't own a pink bra and I don't know why.

Thank God I have a therapy appointment today. I just hope she doesn't own a pink bra either!

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Sep 09, 2021

Look, what I do on my own time is none of your business but the bra is from Walgreens.


Frederick Eggers
Frederick Eggers
Sep 08, 2021

You can borrow my pink bra anytime.


Sep 08, 2021 neither....wonder why not? Great read!

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